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Friday, January 12, 2018
12 Jan 9:26pm Updated WSJ: Trump lawyer arranged porn star payment for her silence in October 2016
President Donald Trump's longtime attorney denied that Trump had a sexual encounter with a porn star after a report by The Wall Street Journal on Friday alleged the lawyer helped facilitate a six-figure payment to the actress in October 2016 in exchange for her silence.
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12 Jan 3:33pm Supreme Court takes up Texas redistricting case
The Supreme Court announced Friday that it plans to hear a significant voting rights case, agreeing to review a lower court opinion that invalidated congressional and statehouse maps in Texas.
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12 Jan 3:20pm Updated Trump issues warning, but continues to honor Iran deal
President Donald Trump on Friday avoided upending the nuclear deal with Iran that he has repeatedly disparaged, agreeing to waive key sanctions the US lifted as part of the deal.
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12 Jan 2:27pm Updated Trump supporters react to his derogatory remark, in their own words
Reports that Donald Trump referred to certain nations as "shithole countries" during a Thursday meeting in the Oval Office have inflamed his critics and drawn condemnation from the international community.
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12 Jan 12:24pm Updated Trump signs MLK Jr. proclamation amid cries of racism
President Donald Trump will sign a proclamation Friday declaring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, one day after making disparaging comments about Haiti and African countries.
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12 Jan 12:05pm Amid scandal, Missouri governor quietly tries to stop the bleeding
Embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was not seen or heard from Thursday following his shock admission of an extramarital affair, as allegations of blackmail -- which he has vehemently denied -- and other misconduct continued to swirl.
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12 Jan 11:00am Updated Trump touts sale of nonexistent fighter jet
President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the first of 52 "F-52 and F-35" fighter jets have been delivered to Norway -- proudly touting the "$10 billion" sale of military equipment to the NATO ally during a news conference with the Norwegian prime minister.
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12 Jan 8:36am Updated Schiff: GOP blocking key witnesses in effort to scuttle House Russia inquiry
Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Thursday that Republicans are blocking dozens of witnesses from being interviewed in the Russia probe, including some who were aware of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting where Donald Trump Jr. was promised dirt on the Clinton campaign.
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12 Jan 6:36am The tribe-busting politics of FISA and the surveillance debate
Minutes after House Republicans led the way in voting to reauthorize a controversial government spying program, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul pledged to oppose the bill in the Senate. Fifteen minutes later, Democrat Ron Wyden, one of Paul's most liberal colleagues, promised to do the same.
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12 Jan 6:09am Once a cornerstone of Trump campaign, E-Verify makes a DACA deal far more complicated
Republicans may give hundreds of thousands of immigrants a path to citizenship in upcoming weeks, begging a decades-old question: What are they going to demand in return?
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12 Jan 12:49am Updated Haitian-American GOP congresswoman demands Trump apologize
Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah called on President Donald Trump to apologize Thursday for his reported comments criticizing immigrants coming to the United States from what he called "shithole countries."
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